Leah Evans / Motion Design




This piece looks to express an emotional progression of loneliness, reflection, frustration and rebirth through the experience of waiting out winter. Winter is a metaphor for a lot of ideas, it is harsh, cold, and much of the time, dark. Survival is nearly impossible. Still, there is a beauty to the solitude and quiet of winter, unique to that season alone. The world becomes monochrome, and wonderful phenomena, such as snow and the northern lights, make the landscape otherworldly. Winter offers something that other seasons are too busy to realize - a moment of clear, visible breath. Out of sensory starvation comes mediation, and an opportunity to cultivate growth.

The piece utilizes typography and stark imagery of winter scenes to compliment a voiceover. Each stanza of the poem is associated with weather phenomenon - the migration of birds, accumulation of snow, a long night, aurora borealis, and a spring morning. The imagery will be muted in color, and will utilize lots of negative space. All animation will be slow and meditative, expressing a quiet, however reflective emotional tone.