Leah Evans / Motion Design



Sunny girl / windy city

Hello! I’m Leah, a designer/animator currently based in Chicago, IL. By day I work on advertisements and title sequences at Sarofsky, but on my off hours you can usually find me sketching or brushing up on my favorite paintings. I’m currently escaping Chicago’s subzero temperatures by using my weekends to train as a volunteer at the Art Institute of Chicago.

My favorite piece of motion graphic design I’ve ever created is a documentary film on female representation in the Bauhaus school, entitled Neue Frau. I believe that the intersecting mediums of film, graphic design and animation hold an incredible amount of potential to disseminate educational material in an engaging and beautiful way. In the future I am excited to further explore motion graphics as a mode of documentary practice.

Always looking to discuss new ideas, collaborate, and of course, make new friends. Feel free to drop me a line at hello@leahe.tv, or follow me on my Instagram, @leahsevans.