Leah Evans / Motion Design




The central plot of Marvel’s television show "Legion" details David Haller’s journey to understanding and harnessing his supernatural abilities. When he and his peers are endangered by forces of evil, he must recollect his identity in order to utilize his full potential. Like David's mind, the visuals that appear throughout my titles are fragmented and undirected. Only in moments can the protagonist glimpse at himself, however these visions are distorted, complicated and overwhelming. The crux of the title sequence narrative, like the show, is reconciliation and reorganization. Like David, the mirror shards organize themselves to achieve purpose, ultimately revealing the final logo lockup.

Visually, I chose a dark, moody palette to achieve an ominous feeling throughout the sequence. Glimpses of light communicate mirror reflection, while reminding the viewer of liveliness and energy. Brown tones, offset by moments of electric blue, speak to tastes relevant to the 1970’s setting of the show while retaining modern stylistic elegance. Through color choice and clean compositing, I aim to depict a human mind searching to understand itself in an abstract and engaging way.



Preliminary Style Frames