Leah Evans / Motion Design



👋 Hi, I’m Leah.

By day I work as a motion designer at Sarofsky, but in my free time you can find me sketching or brushing up on my favorite paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago, where I currently volunteer. I am endlessly energized by being surrounded by, and creating artwork of my own.

My passions for visual culture and design intersect in my thesis film, Neue Frau, so be sure to take a look! It’s a visual essay about the history of female representation in the Bauhaus School. Read all about it about it here.

At the center of my work, I believe that the intersecting mediums of film and animation hold the potential to share meaningful information in a beautiful and engaging way.

You can watch my reel below, or follow me on Instagram if you’re curious what I’m up to on the day to day. For inquiries, say hello@leahe.tv.

Thanks for stopping by!