Leah Evans / Motion Design



Leah is a designer, animator, and illustrator

studying and working in NYC.


Hello there! 🌞

By day I work as a freelance motion designer in New York City, but in my free time you can find me sipping coffee or sketching in a park. I am endlessly energized by learning about great works of art, and implementing the lessons they share in my own artistic practice.

My passions for visual culture and design intersect in my thesis film, Neue Frau. It’s a visual essay about the history of female representation in an era of design that I feel truly inspired by: the Bauhaus School.

At the center of my work, I believe that film and animation hold the potential to share meaningful information in a beautiful and engaging way. Because motion graphic design touches so many types of creative practice, I see it as a particularly useful tool in the documentary or visual essay format. I intend to further explore my abilities as a design-based filmmaker through interdisciplinary study at NYU. I begin my Masters this Fall.

Please explore my portfolio, and follow me on Instagram if you’re curious what I’m up to on the day to day. For inquiries, say hello@leahe.tv! And thanks for stopping by!